Kalyan Jodi Chart: Past Results, Trends, and Winning Patterns

Kalyan Jodi Chart Past Results, Trends, and Winning Patterns

Kalyan is the name of a lottery game that’s wildly popular in the country.

Millions of people play the Kalyan lottery every day, and the odds of winning are pretty slim. But that doesn’t stop people from trying. In this post, we’ll be discussing the Kalyan Jodi chart and showing you past results, trends, and winning patterns.

What is the Kalyan panel Chart?

The Kalyan panel Chart is a chart that shows the past results of the Kalyan matka game. The Kalyan Chart is updated every day to reflect the latest results of the game. It includes information on each draw’s date, time, and winning numbers.

The chart also includes information on the trend of each number. This information can help you determine which numbers are more likely to win in future draws.

How to read the Kalyan Jodi Chart?

The Kalyan Jodi Chart is a table that lists all the possible Kalyan matka Jodi (pairs) along with the results of each Jodi. The chart is arranged in a diagonal grid, with the first column listing the odd numbers and the second column listing the even numbers. The leftmost row of the grid is for singles, and the next two rows are for doubles. The remaining rows are for triplets.

The results in each cell are either marked with a “W” for the win, “L” for loss, or “D” for a draw. The cell at the intersection of a particular column and row indicates the result of that Jodi. The Kalyan Jodi Chart can help you predict the result of a Kalyan matka draw. By examining past effects and trends, you can know which jodis are most likely to win.

What do the colours mean in the Kalyan Jodi Chart?

The colours in the Kalyan Jodi Chart represent the different winning patterns for the particular Jodi.

kalyan jodi chart

For example, the green colour in the chart indicates a Jodi that has won more often than not, while the orange colour indicates a Jodi that has not had as much success. Understanding these winning patterns can be extremely helpful in predicting the outcome of future bets.

What are some good Kalyan Jodi Chart strategy tips?

There are a few key things to remember when using the Kalyan Jodi Chart.

-The chart is based on historical data and trends, so always use it as a guide and don’t rely solely on it

-Different numbers will have different levels of success, so always be sure to do your research before choosing a number

-Be sure to track your chosen number and its progress so you can make adjustments if necessary

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How to use the Kalyan Jodi Chart to pick your lotto numbers?

When using the Kalyan Jodi Chart, you’ll want to look at the past results, trends, and winning patterns. Looking at past results is a great way to understand what numbers have been drawn recently and what numbers are overdue. Checking the trend will help you see which numbers are being drawn more frequently and which ones are falling out of favour. And finally, taking a look at the winning patterns will give you an idea of how the numbers are usually drawn.

Once you have all of this information, you can start to formulate your lottery numbers. This is just a general guide, so feel free to mix and match as you see fit. You’ll want to choose a number from each section—the recent numbers, the trending numbers, and the winning patterns.


The Kalyan Jodi Chart is a valuable tool for predicting the outcome of lottery draws. Looking at past results, trends, and winning patterns can help you choose the right lottery numbers to play.

Using the appropriate strategy and following the guidelines in this post is the key to using the Kalyan panel chart to anticipate accurate figures. The greatest time to play the Kalyan panel chart is in the evening, and you should always stake money you can afford to lose when doing so. Major people make money on Chart Kalyan, which is a famous betting platform. Register, explore the Kalyan Chart world, and let us help you earn huge sums of money!